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Over 20 Years Serving The Community

mc2 marketing

Over 20 Years Serving The Community

MC2 is located in the beautiful Northwest – the Portland, Oregon metro area. We serve a full range of clients, from small entrepreneural companies to Fortune 500 corporations, start-ups, associations, and non-profits. Our client base is generally small to midsize businesses.

MC2 offers clients B2C and B2B services, both traditional marketing and digital, with a focus on branding, “StoryBrand” strategies, website development, digital marketing – lead generation, SEO/SEM, email marketing, social media, coaching, and more!

Founded in 2000, the team at MC2 is passionate about providing clients with solutions, information, and tools to help them realize their dreams and maximize their marketing investment.

We scale our team size to deliver customized support for our clients. By keeping overhead low and working with remote contract “skill experts” we bring the right talent to the project and keep costs down for our clients. Although most of MC2 services are typically delivered by its partners, we have benefited from years of partnering with established and highly skilled professionals.

Your choice of a marketing partner is an important one. We’d like to make that choice an easy one.



Teri has over 20 years B2B and B2C marketing experience. She works closely with all clients and freely shares her knowledge of marketing tactics and technology.

Teri’s professional experience spans marketing leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies to Creative Director/Graphic & Web Designer, serving small to mid-size businesses as they seek to grow their market share. Teri’s recent role as Marketing Director for Fairway America, a commercial real estate investment firm, provided her with a valuable depth of experience in the industry. Areas of Teri’s expertise include financial services, commercial real estate, health care, professional services, and local/regional equine/canine-based businesses.

As a marketing leader, Teri’s decision levers are keenly focused on building brand awareness, ROI, market share, and process improvements to result in increased speed-to-market, and attainment of measurable and profitable growth.

Teri is a published author in national communications magazines and guest presenter at national association conferences. She gives back to the community through pro-bono marketing and graphic design, plus is an active board member of a non-profit, Oregon Equine Foundation and was a long-standing board member of the Oregon Horse Council and Lake Oswego Hunt Equestrian Center.

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